Delivery and Setup

Furniture delivery and set up day is usually filled with much anticipation. Here are some things that you can do that will help your furniture delivery be as smooth as possible.

  • Please provide us with clear directions to your home. While technology has made finding locations easier, sometimes the online maps are not updated, and they often do not allow for construction or road closures.
  • Please plan to be home to accept delivery, or have someone on site to receive and sign for your furniture in your absence.
  • Please notify us of any unusual elements of your home or yard that may complicate the delivery. Please make us aware of stairs, decks, sharp turns, and upper / lower levels, narrow areas, etc.

Home Xpressions’ delivery staff is unable to remove other furniture that is already in your home. However, if you are unable to remove your old furniture, this can be offered at a service fee or by contacting a nonprofit or charitable organization.

Electric components, TV’s, etc., will not be moved or re-installed.

  • Please prepare for the arrival of the truck by ensuring the walkway to your home is clear of any safety hazards such as ice or snow.
  • Please notify us in advance of any conditions that would prevent a smooth delivery.
  • Home Xpressions has the right to make changes in delivery schedule if severe weather conditions exist.
  • For inquiries regarding your delivery please contact us at:  715.356.2524

Thank you for your cooperation with these safety precautions.